Most Improved Student Group of the Year Shortlist

Have a look below for who got nominated and a small extract from their nomination.


We had almost 400 people register their interest in Freshers and Refreshers alone, and from this we've more than doubled our membership numbers, negotiated with Student Problems to create a video introduction to our sport, as well as having regular games, two of which were private introduction games for new members, and several new members gaining their own license for equipment. We also struck a deal with our local site to give our members a discount whenever they play, even if it's in their own time. I'm very proud of the amount the society has improved, and it should give next year's committee a fantastic start

American Football

It is obvious how far the team has come in such a short space of time. Although being in existence for a few years, the progress made over 2019/20 is unmatchable. Now the Storm has come. The team is full kitted, hitting hard and lining up to take part in BUCS (hopefully) in the not-too-distant future. The first ever game against MMU (well-drilled off the back of a full BUCS season) was special for all those who played, with the result so much better than anyone could have hoped. 

Scouts & Guides (SSAGO)

SALSSAGO have worked hard this year to give students an opportunity to continue their voluntary roles within Scouting and Guiding whilst at University. This can be hard for some people, as some members have only ever known volunteering in their own district or county. Even though they were established less than a year ago, SALSSAGO have already begun to make their mark nationally, attending camps with other SSAGO groups and engaging with SSAGO on a bigger scale that cannot just be accessed through a room in the North Side every Thursday night.

Tabletop Gaming

Last year, we were asked if we even wanted to make a society like this as it hadn't been successful before. I believe this year has proven that it can and has been successful. We established over 4 different tabletop groups, we have started to create a society-owned inventory of games, we have an active Discord server and an active Facebook messenger group, we planned a Tabletop Gaming Women's panel for International Women's week and before quarantine, we had planned to run a 24 hour charity live stream that had already raised over £300 and had many influential social media accounts ready to promote it. 


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