Competitive Sports Club of the Year Shortlist

Have a look below for who got nominated and a small extract from their nomination.

Football (Women's)

I want to nominate women's football because they won the league this year but not only did they win the league they also went upbeat while doing this. They also did not have a consistent coach throughout the season but still managed to all pull together to be successful. They had a lot of new freshers this year and everyone welcomed them and we all bonded together well to become this unbeatable team. 


Despite many obstacles this year hockey have gone above and beyond to ensure that they remained a cohesive and active group. I especially want to highlight the commitment of the men's and women's captain as they truly went out on a limb to ensure the club stayed afloat. Despite not having a chair, Mens hockey placed 1st in the BUCS league whilst women's hockey ensure they stayed in their league despite being promoted last year. 


Netball is a family, and everyone supports Each other, on and off the court. As a first year, these netballers have welcomed me in with open arms, and become my closest friends at Uni. Both teams have won their league! 2nd team are league winners 2 years running now! 1st team also made it to the final of the cup and 2nd team made it to the semi finals! Had a great competitive season! 

Rugby Union (Women's)

This club has gone from strength to strength and won the BUCS league! To say the majority of the team were newcomers at the start of the year, the support that the seniors have given to make the club the best it can be and all their hard work has finally been paid off. The team has also grown not only on the pitch but within friendships as personally I have experienced so much love and kindness from those in the team.


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