Student Group Inclusivity Award Shortlist

Have a look below for who got nominated and a small extract from their nomination.


Dance has been a lot more inclusive this year compared to other years. We have had a diverse range of age ranges from 18-25. Our members also have different backgrounds with members from the UK, Ireland, Gibraltar, Spain and Dubai. Furthermore, we have a range of students and staff such as undergraduate, PHD, and international students alongside some of our Alumni.


The society prides itself on being open and accessible to all people that wish to come along and play video-games and board-games in an environment that is free of judgment or ridicule. The committee has also arranged monthly female aligned socials, these socials focus on the often overseen female aligned gamers. This is a transfeminine and non binary inclusive event that invites any female aligned person, in or out of the society, to a safe space

Shock Radio

The society has gone out of its way to support its members, especially those with disabilities. Having identified that their studio was not accessible enough, they went out of their way to plan how to make it more disability friendly including lobbying the University for support. They also were able to maintain accessibility and inclusion while having to shift their studio across campus and back again when their University House studio had a leak. 

Tabletop Gaming

From the start of the academic year, the society has been open and welcoming to everyone who has wanted to take part. They have never made people feel isolated and general just has a really welcoming atmosphere. Many people have said that most of the friends they have made in their first year have come from this society and the chance to meet, socialise and play games with so many new and differing people. 


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