Student Volunteer of the Year Shortlist

Have a look below for who got nominated and a small extract from their nomination.

Rachel Birtwistle

She volunteered to organise and plan over 200 taster sessions for freshers in September/October to try and give the society (Pole Fitness) a great start to the year, and she also helped to run the sessions. She helped set up/run lessons three days a week for members and spent hours training the varsity team and doing 1-1 training sessions to help the members improve their pole skills. I think she deserves to be nominated for this award because of the number of hours she's put into running the society and trying to find ways to help the society work with the SU to give members a good experience.

Kiera Brown

Kiera Brown has took on a massive challenge this year from tackling a society which has gone nowhere the last couple of years to a successful society. Really helpful, professional, kind, hard working, just returned from placement and started new soc on her own, great students and inclusive. She has planned CSR events and volunteering opportunities for members to get involved with. A real hard worker, kind, polite and credit to the university, excellent student.

Ben Hodge

He always has multiple projects on the go, from his comedy, his degree to volunteering to progress the student community at Salford. His is inspiring to work with and someone who you know is going to make a substantial contribution not just to the University, but the entire community at Salford. Ben Hodge has already been a strong character on campus through his involvement on the strand-up comedy circuit at Salford and simply through his charismatic personality. Since Ben was successfully elected as the first Trans Officer at Salford in November, he has thrown himself into the role, building upon the work he was leading on before he was elected. 

Sarah Fielding

Sarah has put hour after hour into the Students Union - she has been volunteering for Rafiki since it started, has been Community and Wellbeing volunteer officer for the last two years, even whilst juggling a job and her degree. She has all the love in the world to give, and is always full of energy (and colour and glitter), and makes everyone she sees super duper happy! With all the volunteering she has done and the time and effort put into the SU during her time at Salford, she deserves every bit of recognition and thanks she can get before the end of her life at univeristy!

Tobias Reynolds

Tobi has gone above and beyond his role in the committee. He has been the Treasurer, but has stepped up where needed due to the absence of the Secretary. Without him, the club would not be anywhere as close to BUCS Weeklys ready as it is now. His understanding of the Student Union and his own business like approach to the club have been invaluable in the committee making more informed decisions. The work he's put into the club has been a testament to his resolve and commitment.


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