Students' Union Personality of the Year Shortlist

Have a look below for who got nominated and a small extract from their nomination.

Hope Bragg

Hope has been on the trustee board for almost a year now, serving to ensure the student voice is represented and the student's union remains accountable and representative. Hope has recently been elected as communities and wellbeing officer, recognising her as someone who truly cares about the students here at Salford. Furthermore, Hope has played an active role on the Salford Campus Connections page during the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraging students to engage with the platform and also prompting discussions and debates to keep students engaged with their sabbs. 

Joel Conlon

Joel has been a member of the Almost Famous committee for 2 years now and has spent those years tirelessly helping members of the society. He was the Social and Well-being officer and shone at his role. He organised a range of inclusive socials and always sacrificed his own fun to make sure everyone else was alright. He welcomed new members with open arms and was set on making everyone feel included. On top of this, you can find him in loads of other union activities and services, from working in Atmosphere to taking on the elections waffle eating challenge! He embodies everything the Union is about!

Molly Marhall

I have an awful lot of respect for Molly as this year she was in her final year of study, she chaired women's rugby, she sat on exec and she ran the GSAG programme. She's always been a big part of the SU and always helps out where ever she can. I know that women's rugby absolutely smashed it this year so I'm sure that her organisation and leadership skills enabled them to train to their full potential. What from I understand with the GSAG programme is that it wasn't all plain sailing and Molly put a lot of time in sorting out arrangements each week and dealt with situations that weren't in her favour. I think she's played a major role throughout her 4 years here and really deserves a lot of recognition for everything that she's put into the SU.

Olly Sweetman

Olly doesn't take any messing around and is a strong leader that the whole team follows, is well respected and trusted to solve any problems. He's gone above and beyond to put Storm within reach of BUCS when at the start of the academic year that would have been considered a pipe dream. In the three previous years of the club's existence it had never played a game, now it has, because of Olly's devotion. He's engaged with lots of Union activities including other groups fundraisers, sitting on the Stduent Executive and has just been elected as next years Volunteer Officer for Societies and Sport.

Dominic Young

Dominic Young has shown his dedication to the Union from the very start of his first year at Salford up until now, the end of his final year. His involvement in Give Sport a Go is entirely selfless, every week he gives hours of his time so that other members of the University of Salford have multiple opportunities to get active and involved in sports. Additionally he is currently Chairman of the Cheerleading Society and has had previous involvement with Salford Racing, including running their social media page to promote the work and reach a wider audience, again in the hope of giving people new and vibrant opportunities.  


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