Sports Newcomer of the Year Shortlist

Have a look below for who got nominated and a small extract from their nomination.

Rachel Bruder (Cheerleading)

Rachel has gone above and beyond at cheer. She’d never done cheerleading before and doesn’t have a high ability. However she stepped up to the plate and competed on both teams level 1 and 2 because a girl dropped out of level 2 and we needed a replacement. She learned the level 2 routine in about 4 weeks when we’d been working on the routine all year. It paid off as we came first with Rachel's help.

Joe Burns (Snow)

Joe was a fresher this year who has truly encompassed what salford snow is. He has been present at every social this year, has competed for the club, attended both freestyle and race training, and become great friends with many members.  I would like him to gain recognition for how well he has done to intergrate himself, now being a central member of the club.

Sophie Mouldnen (Women's Football)

This season, Sophie stepped up to take the role of captin on many occations (when the actual captin was absent) and did so with eloquence and passion. She lead the team to a number of victories, all of which the team attribute to her ability to support and direct play as needed, helping each player to feel valued. Sophie is a true asset to the team and a vital member who everyone appreciates greatly. 

Daniel Park (Fencing)

Daniel joimed fencing this year having never done the sport. He has since competed in every competition he can, attended every session of training and has encouraged everyone around him to participate. He works hard in training and does everything he can to make it as enjoyable and inclusive for everyone there. 

Jack Williamson (Cricket)

Never played cricket before but he kept coming back after a difficult first training session. As of April 2019, the improvements jack has taken have been huge. With regards to cricketing skills, he is now able to face good bowlers in nets after working tirelessly on his batting. More importantly he is a great team player who makes sure everyone on the team is doing okay and turns up to every training session. 


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