Recreational Sports Club of the Year Shortlist

Have a look below for who got nominated and a small extract from their nomination.

American Football

The club pushes everyone to become better both physically and mentally and it's a welcoming and inclusive club for everyone to join. They've gone from being a small club without any equipment to play full contact, to fielding a full squad with full equipment and playing full contact matches, giving already established bucs team really close games. All in the space of about 5 months.


The cheerleading society of 2019/20 have first made a great success in gathering new members to join the society. When going to practice, people were motivated and proactive to training and succeeding in the coming up competition. Practice also gave me a haven space, to go to after university and to feel welcomed by others. We ended up winning in our national division bringing us recognition for the hard work we had prepared through the whole year. 

Pole Fitness

The society has been transformed from something rather niche, into a more visible and friendly organisation; the impressive number of members after Freshers, and its place in the Varsity programme, is evidence of this. Everyone in the society is supportive and friendly, and there's been a range of socials throughout the year.


Salford Snow is small in comparison to other snowsports teams throughout the country, however we have maintained a great name for ourselves through our high level of competing in both freestyle and alpine skiing. It is obvious that the members care for each other alongside the committee. The snow family is full of love and support for each other, its difficult to not enjoy your time with any of the folks in the club.


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