Societies Newcomer of the Year Shortlist

Have a look below for who got nominated and a small extract from their nomination.

Josh Hopkinson (Almost Famous)

Josh joined Almost Famous last September and has contributed to the society an immense amount. He is a technical theatre student and we have watched him grow so much over the past year. As a bit of a lighting genius he has worked on every Almost Famous show this year and has shown an incredible amount of initiative and dedication to the society. So often he would act independently and take initiative to solve problems at hand. Josh's work all year and the passion he has for it and the society deserve to be recognised.

Will Lundy (Shock Radio)

Will joined Shock this year and immediately jumped straight into the society. Not only did he end up with his own show but he has very quickly become a known presence with the society and a lot of people have grown to be close friends with him. He helped rebuild the entire studio when moving building as well as also been keen and eager to learn as much as he could about the studio infrastructure as possible to the point he now feels confident enough to run for the role (Head of Tech) himself next year.

John Newhouse (Tabletop Gaming)

Everyone in the society loves John. He's incredibly kind and does everything he can to help our society run smoothly, from helping with promoting events, to making sure everyone feels happy and included.  Everyone knows him and gets along with him, he's always the first to offer his help with anything, even if he has no idea what it might be! Most recently, the Tabletop Gaming Society was planning for a 24 hour charity live stream event and John took it upon himself to go out for support. At first, we imagined he'd send a few emails to important figures in the tabletop community and that was it but he went above and beyond.

Phoenix Oxford (Dance)

Phoenix has been an absolute ray of sunshine this year. She only joined dance this year however she's made a massive impact to our society. Phoenix often goes out of her way to help those in need. Phoenix will speak to anyone and everyone, always bringing happiness and joy to everyone around her. She also helped out massively in the first show and the rehearsals for the second show. She stepped up and learnt dances she wasn't originally in to help the choreographers out, and stepped up to be main chorus in the second show too. 

Ben Stitch (Almost Famous)

Ben's outgoing and charismatic personality shone in rehearsals and conversations with him always put a smile on your face. He is a friend to all and it's hard to believe he is only a first year as his passion and commitment to Almost Famous is something that should be rewarded.  In September, he auditioned for Out of Sight... Out of Murder, our straight play and was offered his role of Dick Stanton. From watching the final show, anyone could see how much effort Ben had put into the play and his character, so much so that it was difficult to see Ben once he stepped onto the stage as Dick Stanton. 


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