Academic Society of the Year Shortlist

Find out who got shortlisted below, and an extract from one of their nominations.

BioMedical Science

A fantastic student-led society which provides valuable professional development opportunities for Biomedical Science students, in a fun and supportive environment. A truly inspiring and motivated group who deserve to be recognised for their hard work and passion to better themselves and their peers.


After starting afresh this year, the business society has gone from strength to strength and has been involved with a number of activities on and off campus. Notably, the team was responsible for organising and collecting food donations from across the university on behalf of Salford Foodbank. 


Enactus have reached out to many students this year and last and managed to get many on board, who have all had a wonderful experience learning new business skills and working as a team in a professional environment. The society has carried out projecs to help our local community. They have helped students in media City and have also been planning a project to help students with sustainable living.


As I am studying nursing this society was very helpful to me. Sharing very important information about pandemics( supporting students and staff during this difficult time) , providing extra courses, inviting guest speakers and sharing information about different conferences or trainings available to expand nursing skills. Supporting emotionaly and helping to find new friends. 


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