Your Voluntary Officers

The University of Salford Students’ Union is led by a team of elected student officers, who work to advocate for student groups by elevating their voices and campaigning for changes to education, safety and other important aspects of student life.


The Voluntary Officers make up the biggest section of the Student Leadership team but unlike the full-time Sabbatical Officers, they carry out their roles alongside their degrees.

The Student Leadership Team are elected at the March elections every year. If you’re interested in working with them on their campaigns, please email


If you’re interested in running for a Student Officer position, see our Elections Page.


The Voluntary Officer for the academic year 2021/2022 are:


Name: Ngozi Ofuani

Position: BME Officer 


Name: Tanya Ahmed

Position: Community and Wellbeing Officer

Name: Victory Ekaeze

Position: International Students’ Officer


Name: Joseph Ediae

Position: Sports and Societies Officer


Name: Danielle Whittaker

Position: Students’ with Disabilities Officer


Name: Jay Latham

Position: Trans* Students Officer


Name: Ellie Webster

Position: Women’s Officer


Name: Ben Allan

Position: LGBTQ+ Officer