Varsity 2021


Active Distance Challenge

Accumulate distance for Salford by walking, running or cycling.


1) Download the 'MapMyRun' app from the app store  

2) Create an account 

3) Head to the more menu, under 'friends', search for Team Salford  and send a friend request.

4) All invites to challenges will be sent by Sunday 14th March

5) Accept invite and wait for the challenege to begin on the 15th.

6) Ensure you use the app to track your activity over the course of Varsity week.

The challenge goes live at 9am Monday 15th March and closes at 11:59pm on Thursday 18th. 

Once you have joined the challenges you can simply choose what type of work out you will be doing (Run, Walk, Cycle) and tap 'start workout' and take your device with you. However if you are unsure how to use the app, Here is a guide to help. Once you have finished and saved your workout, the challeges will automatically be updated with your distance.