School Rep Achievements

What have your School Reps been up to? 

While Course Reps represent everyone on a particular course, School Reps identify and act on the key issues affecting students across multiple programmes in the same subject area. They also work with their fellow School Reps and the Head of School to tackle issues that affect all students in their school. They work closely with their Course Reps to find out what the issues are and then work together with the Students’ Union Sabbatical Officers and University staff to find a positive solution.

So, what has your School Rep been up to this trimester? Here are just a few examples of the incredible projects they have focused on:

Arts and Media 

Amy Willoughby (School Rep for English and Creative Writing): Has been consulting with Course Reps and students about how supported they feel with assessments. She hopes to lobby for more granular assignment briefs at module level.

Nicole Tomkins (School Rep for Journalism): Has been focusing on the support students receive when isolating or shielding due to COVID. She’s also been investigating how students feel about assignments that require them to interact with members of the public.

Sara Sousa (School Rep for Art and Design): Will be working with the Disability Officer and the Disability support manager to raise concerns over students with RAPS, and how to address worries about next semester. She will be talking to them about how students with RAPS need to have more involvement in the disability support team with work opportunities, and how this will improve the relationship between students and also give them what they need.

Health and Society

Natasha Jones (School Rep for Midwifery): Has launched a project into the experience of students undertaking placement during COVID across the Health and Society School, with a focus on how safe students feel and the training they have received.

Matilda Reynolds (School Rep for Social Policy): Has been writing a proposal for a peer guide scheme across the School of Health and Society. She is currently investigating current peer mentoring provision in the school. 

Jody Webb (School Rep for Social Work and Learning Disability Nursing): Has been working with Course Rep Phil Clegg, to provide a digital space for postgraduate Social Work students to effectively communicate and discuss life on the course. She has also been working with the school to address concerns regarding placement flexibility during COVID, and gain student access to a valuable programme which would allow greater access to current journals, blogs and webinars.

Science, Engineering and Environment 

Bethany Hill (School Rep for Chemistry): Has been focusing on how well dissertation projects translate to the new COVID teaching and learning restrictions in Chemistry.  

Emma Lawton (School Rep for Geography and Env): Has organised a welcome event for new students in her subject area. Providing a vital digital space for students to properly meet each other and ask questions about university life.

Business and Law

Oyindamola Seidu (School Rep for Economics, Accounting and Finance): Has been working with Course Rep, May, to secure printer credit across the Business and Law School. This is in recognition that printed resources usually provided by the school have been stopped due to COVID restrictions. 

Courtney Busby (School Rep for Marketing and Leisure): Has been working to secure remote access to software until the end of the academic year, for example Adobe, which are essential for assignments.  

If you want to get in touch with your School Rep you can find their contact details HERE