Voluntary Officer Roles


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Who is eligible for these roles? 


  • You can only put yourself forward for one volunteer officer position.
  • Some positions are reserved for those students that define into that position.
  • All students can run for the Community & Wellbeing Officer. 





If successful you will undertake a voluntary role for a year alongside your studies. You will be supported by union staff to represent students and direct the work of the students' union as well as receiving full training for the role. 


  • There is the opportunity to attend NUS conferences for certain roles. 
  • You will have access to a campaigns funding pot so you can deliver on your ideas. 
  • You have the opportunity to network with senior university staff members. 
  • The Union has a flexible approach to allow you to fit the position alongside your home life and studying. 



Role Overview
BAME Students' Officer Your role will be to work on issues affecting BME students on campus and helping to host events and run campaigns for students on campus. This position is reserved for a student that self-defines as being either Black or from an ethnic minority. 
Community & Wellbeing Officer Responsible for leading the Community and Wellbeing executive you will work alongside other members of this group on issues affecting students in their local community (e.g. transport, community fundraising) and their Wellbeing (e.g. mental and sexual health). You will help to propose policies to develop these groups and campaign on issues that will strengthen the community and wellbeing provsision at Salford.
International Students' Officer You will work alongside other students to lead on issues affecting international students at University. You will help run campaigns, events and activities for international students as well as help to coordinate the International Students' Cafe. This position is reserved for an international student (a non UK based student from either the European Union or overseas)
LGBTQ+ Officer This position leads on the LGBTQ+ campaigns withing the Students' Union. You will represent LGBTQ+ students on campus and run campaigns and events to improve their life at Salford. This position is reserved for a student that defines as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* or Queer
Students with Disabilities Officer This position leads on representing the voice of  students with disabilities at Salford. This position is reserved for a students that defines as having a disability (either seen or unseen)
Women's Officer You will represent women students on campus, campaign on and host events for, issues that matter to them. This position is reserved for a student that defines as a women.
Trans Students Officer  Responsible for championing the rights of Trans students on campus you will work on issues affecting trans students on campus and helping to host events and run campaigns. This position is reserved a student that defines as a trans.