Current Course Reps

Hello & Thank You!

Firstly, congrats on becoming a Course Rep, and a big warm welcome to the community, we’re super excited to have you on board.

Students have the right to be listened to, provided opportunities to make change and have an input into decision-making; this is YOUR University.

Don’t worry if you little or no experience – we just need you to want to make a difference– you’ll be fully trained and have plenty of support from the Students’ Union. It’s a great opportunity to get stuck in, make change, meet people, and not to mention you’ll gain a tonne of experience.

Below you'll find loads of handy information aimed at making your role as easy as possible.

A BIG THANK YOU for taking on the role and if you have any questions dont hesitate to get in touch 


Rep Training

As a Course Rep you will be required to attend one of our training sessions, aimed at providing your with all the information and support you will need to do your role.

If your details have been sent to us by your Programme Leader then you should receive an email with details of all our training sessions happening in October. All you need to do is follow the link and book on to whichever session works best for you.  

If you haven''t received an email or you are unable to attend any of the scheduled sessions then contact us at and we will be in touch. 


Sabbatical Officer/ School Rep Meetings

In addition to the training you will have the opportunity to meet with the Sabbatical Officer who represents your school as well as the School Reps who have been appointed to represent student voices at a top level within each school and support you in your role as a student rep. Details of these meetings will be emailed out in advance and we woudl encourage you to attend as many as you can. 


Student Rep Resources

We are looking for student reps to help us develop a suite of resources to aid other student reps in their role.

Specifically we would like reps to write short guides on:

  • How you deal with common problems, i.e timetable clashes, blackboard issues
  • How you promote the role and communicate with students, i.e. how to use twitter effectively, the pros and cons of Whatsapp groups,
  • Best practice on building relationships with lecturers and University staff members
  • Examples of success stories and achievements reps have made.

We are really keen that you can share your experiences of being a rep and help others in their role at the same time. If you would be interested in working on any of these guides (they don't have to be long - 2 to 3 pages of information and tips would be plenty) please email 

For more information on your role and the support we offer please have a read of our handy Student Rep Handbook.