Become A Course Rep

Course Representative

Every level of every course has a student who volunteers to represent the academic interests of their peers to the University, known as Course Reps. As a Course Rep your role is to feedback on how the course is going and to bring about change to ensure students receive quality education.

We are always looking for people who are passionate about making their course and School the best they can be to become Course Reps.

As a Course Rep you need to be willing to volunteer a few hours of your time each week. You will need to speak to students and attend meetings with staff within your school to improve the student experience at Salford

How do I apply?

For courses starting in September recruitment will take place once the new academic year begins.

If you want to become a Course Rep you should speak to your Programme Leader who is responsible for organising selection within the first few weeks of your course starting. They will be able to talk to you about what the role will involve for your specific programme. Programme Leaders tend to conduct recruitment for Course Reps in the first three weeks of the new academic year, so they may speak to you about the opportunity in your lectures or induction talks. 

If you can't contact your programme leader, please email: and we will pass you onto the right person. 

What does it involve?

As a Course Rep, your role is to represent the views, questions and experiences of your academic peers to the University.

The key tasks of being a student Rep are:

  1. To publicise your role to all the students you represent. You should do this by making your University email address available to any of those students who wish to contact you.
  2. To regularly gather feedback from students on their experiences at Salford.
  3. To attend meetings within your school where you will be able to raise issues on behalf of your peers to lecturers and staff
  4. To work in partnership with staff in your school  to find solutions to any issues raised
  5. To provide feedback to your students on the outcomes and what action is being taken as a result
  6. To maintain regular communication with your School Representatives and your Sabbatical Officer and meet them regularly when requested to do so.
  7. To take an active part in other areas of the Students’ Union.

Download Role Information Pack

As a Course Rep one of your key responsibilities is to feedback to students on any changes or issues. This even includes explaining why something might not be able to be changed straight away. Feeding back to students keeps them updated and encourages them to speak with you again.