Frequently Asked Questions


Do I get paid to be an Officer?

Yes, student officers are paid £21587 a year


What hours would I have to work?

Generally, it’s Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00, however you may have to work occasional weekends and evenings during busy periods and also attend key events.


Who can run to be an officer?

Any University of Salford student can run to be an officer. This includes all years of undergrad, post-grad students and international students.


How do I campaign and get students to vote for me?

A key element of winning an election is to campaign and to speak to potential voters – basically, going out and actually speaking to other students. Your campaign should be personal and reflect the changes you want to make. Don’t worry though, during the elections you will receive support from the Students' Union staff who can give advice to all candidates. We will be running sessions during the election period, including how to campaign online this year, which will help you to run the most successful campaign you can.


What support do I get as an election candidate?

We will be providing breakfast and candidate briefings each day of voting week.
Candidates will have candidate briefing sessions to tell them all the things they need to know about elections as well as helping them to work out manifestos and goals.
There will also be staff on hand to help with any wellbeing needs throughout the election process.


Can I spend money on my election campaign?

Candidates for Full Time Student Officer positions can spend up to £50 on their election campiagn and candidates for Voluntary Officer positions can spend up to £25 on their election campaign. This money is not reimbursed by the Students' Union. 


If I win, when will the role start?

The role will start on the 1st of July and last the whole academic year.


I will be on placement during the voting period – how will I get elected?

Students tend to vote for students they perceive as ‘like’ them. That is why we struggle to get high voter turnout from the School of Health and Society – there are few candidates! Even when on placement, there are plenty of ways to encourage your peers to vote for you, and we will be advising students on the best forms of communication and campaigning during the time leading up to voting week. As all the voting is done online, being physically on campus is not the most important part of campaigning. With our help and guidance, you can successfully engage students from your school and beyond.


What is the difference between a Student Officer and Voluntary Officer?

Both of these elections run in the same week. Student Officers are full time paid jobs that students who are elected either take as a sabbatical year or do at the end of their course. Voluntary Officers are voluntary positions that students do alongside their studies.
Details of the Student Officer Positions
Details of the Voluntary Officer Positions