Become a Rafiki Volunteer

Rafiki Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Rafiki volunteer for 2022/23. 


Rafiki is the Student’s Union’s peer support listening service. Our student volunteers are there to listen to students and offer peer support. They also signpost to services on campus or externally which provide further support for students. Rafiki offers both bookable video and live chat appointments with volunteers, as well as drop-in appointments on our live chat service. This role is not professional; it is intended to provide peer to peer support only, and volunteers cannot provide advice to students. All our volunteers receive extensive training to enable them to fulfil the role, including wellbeing and signposting training.


As a Rafiki volunteer you will:

  1. Support Salford students’ wellbeing by offering peer support via live chat, video, and telephone calls.
  2. Be part of the Welfare Calls project, the biggest wellbeing project on campus!
  3. Signpost students to relevant support services within the Students’ Union, University and externally.
  4. Run and facilitate regular social prescribing activity for students which offers activity to support students’ wellbeing and mental health.
  5. Lead on campaigns and projects based on student feedback to raise awareness of services and improve students’ wellbeing.
  6. Work collaboratively with the Sabbatical Officer team and voluntary officers on their upcoming campaigns and projects
  7. Be supported with your role development by the Students Union wellbeing team by attending regular catch-up meetings.


What is the time commitment?

This is a voluntary and unpaid role. We have a couple of different roles with different time commiments check out the roles:

Welfare Support - Regular volunteering (2 hour commitment per week)

Event Support - Casual volunteering  (fit around your schedule)


What will I gain?

Rafiki volunteers gain demonstratable experience in key employability skills including communication, organisation and planning, teamwork, problem solving and time management and self-management and much more. Ultimately you will be making a positive impact to students’ wellbeing, improving the student experience, and helping students to Love their life at Salford! You will also be able to:

  • Access training and development opportunities to gain skills such as communication and interpersonal skills, planning and organising as well as growing your confidence.
  • Attend a Samaritans workshop to grow your skills in active listening and how to deal with difficult situations
  • Work in close partnership with the university Wellbeing and Counselling team
  • The opportunity to become a Student Mental Health Ambassador


Why should I get involved?

  • You can become part of the Student’s Union wellbeing community and attend exclusive socials and activities hosted by the SU.
  • Positively impact the student experience at Salford by supporting students’ wellbeing
  • You gain access to additional training and development opportunities
  • Meet new people and network!
  • You will enhance your employability and prepare yourself for the professional world


If you have any questions please email