If something goes wrong...

I’ve missed an exam because I was ill

You will need to submit a Personal Mitigating Circumstances form online at sss.salford.ac.uk according to the PMC procedure. You will be required to submit relevant evidence in support of your case. If your PMC request for absence is accepted, you will be given a further opportunity to be assessed in the University’s next designated assessment period as long as you are fit to do so by that time.

I had to leave the exam early because I was ill

Let the senior invigilator or tutor in charge of the exam know so that your illness can be reported. Seek medical attention and submit a PMC form online as soon as possible. You need to submit the PMC form with medical evidence within 10 working days after the exam date.

I’ve missed an exam because I turned up late/went to the wrong place

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to enter the examination room if the examination has been in progress for 40 minutes. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you know the correct date, time and location of all your exams. However, if there was a good reason why you turned up too late to sit the exam, then you should submit a PMC online explaining the circumstances.

I’ve been accused of cheating in an exam

The University takes a very serious view of any academic misconduct and as such your misconduct will be investigated in accordance with the University’s procedures. If the case is deemed most serious, you will be invited to a Disciplinary Panel hearing. Otherwise, you will be invited to the next scheduled meeting of your School’s Academic Misconduct Panel hearing.

I don’t think the exam paper was fair

If the paper was actually unfair rather than simply difficult, then you should raise your concerns with your Programme Leader. You should also check with your fellow students to see whether they thought it was unfair, in which case you could raise it as a group concern. If this doesn’t work you can make an official complaint. Visit the Advice Centre at the Students’ Union to discuss this further and see if you have a valid complaint.

My mind went blank. I know I’ve failed

It’s always difficult to really know whether you have passed or failed until you have received your results. Await feedback and try to understand how the mark was reached. If you fail the module at your first attempt, you will be given up to two more opportunities to pass it, either through reassessment of failed components at the next assessment period or by retaking the module in its entirety during the next academic year (after payment of the appropriate fee).