Trustee Board

Trustee Board

Your Students’ Union is a fully registered charity (charity no 1189354), and is therefore governed by the rules of the Charity Commission. Like other charities, the Union has its own independent governing body, a group of people with ultimate responsibility for everything that the Students' Union does – the Trustee Board.

The Trustee Board is made up of appointed current students, the sabbatical officers and independent professionals and is responsible for the governance and financial and strategic management of the Students' Union. For example, the Trustee Board approves the Union’s financial plans and top-level strategies, oversees the Union’s accounts and ensures compliance with relevant legislation.

Trustee Board Members

Full Time Officers


  • Temi Adebayo(chair)
  • Adedapo Oni
  • Akeem Ojetola
  • Shian Chaudhry
  • Jessica Wilkinson

Student Trustees

  • Hope Bragg
  • Harrison Pickard
  • Bethany Hill
  • Moosa Yousuf

External Trustees

  • Steve Westgarth 
  • Lee Hull
  • Neil Crimes

Although the Trustee Board has elected students as members (the Full Time Officers), it is not a political body and does not make decisions relating to the political campaigning work of the Union. If you would like to know more about the work of the Trustee Board, you can contact the President at

Board Meetings and Committees

Board Committees do the detailed work and perform a vital in-depth scrutiny function to ensure the Trustee Board is supported in sound decision making when matters under discussion need further Board approval. There are three Board Committees: Human Resources & Governance, Resources, Audit and Risk, and Appointments. 


Board Minutes

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Financial Accounts

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