How we're run

As a student at the University of Salford, you are automatically a member of the Students' Union and can influence the Union’s work in a variety of ways. As a democratic organisation, this is a core part of our commitment to ensuring the Union meets the needs of Salford students.

How we make decisions

As a registered charity the Students' Union is governed by a Board of trustees. The Trustee Board has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the union is well run, that we have a clear purpose and a strategy which we are fulfilling effectively in line with the rules in our governing document. It is also responsible for the legal and financial health of the union, and sets our long term direction. 

Our stances and policy decisions are made democratically by the Union Council. Union Council works closely with the Board to ensure its decisions are in the interests of the members and also also scrutinises the decisions made by the Board. 

We are governed by our Articles which sets out the rules for everything we do and can only be changed once every five years or by a referendum of members.

Alongside the Articles of Association are bye-laws which outline more specfic details and can be changed by the Trustee Board and Union Council. 

Guidance documents sit underneath bye-laws and descripe in detail the day to day operation of processes. They can usually be changed by the committee responsible for creating them. 



We are a charity. Our funding is generated in the following ways:

A block grant from the University

Donations and other grants that the Students’ Union applies for, for specific projects and activities

Revenue from our venues and marketing

Money spent in the Students’ Union venues goes back into funding student services. When you buy a meal, a pint, a coffee, you are actually helping to support our core services and, in turn, helping the Students' Union. 

We are independent

We are a completely independent organisation. This ensures that we remain entirely focused on our members with one purpose in mind: to enhance the lives of students and their experience.

We are a Registered Charity

The Students’ Union is registered as a charity in England and Wales. Our regulator is the Charity Commission. Our charity number is 1189354

We are a Company Limited by Guarantee – What this means

University of Salford Students' Union is a company limited by guarantee in its own right, which means that the assets of the charity are held directly by the company. We are bound to comply with company law. Our Company Number is 12532982. Our regulator is Companies House, whose primary function is to oversee UK Limited companies. Our Trustee Board members are also the Directors of the company.

Our Staff

The Students’ Union employs around 30 core staff at any one time. We also offer a range of job opportunities for students. Our Staff, headed by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director of Engagement (Deputy CEO), Director of Advocacy and Director of finance are delegated to deliver the Union’s day to day support services and activities, but never the overall responsibility. This responsibility lies with our Trustee Board, our governing body.

Financial Statements – Annual Report and Accounts

The Annual Report and Accounts (audited by an external independent auditor appointed for this purpose) are presented to the Student Members Meeting in May each year for approval. This provides a chance for members to scrutinise the work of the Students' Union over the past year, examine our finances and hold the Trustee Board to account. The Report and Accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission each year.