Shock Radio played across the Main and Media city Campus

by Samuel Obeghe 14 May 2017, 19:22

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Shock radio is the University campus radio and should be played all around the main and media city campus. This radio station opens doors for media, jornalism, TV and radio students and even non media students to showcase thier talents and bring entertainment to our campus it us portrays a market that I think has open up in our city Salford - The Media City :) So I'm calling on everyone to sign this petition and get the radio playing in your canteen, Union Bar, Buildings with lobbies and even in the bathroom. I am very confident this would bring life to the campus and everyone would be able to enjoy the amazing talents, entertainment and gifts the radio presenters have to offer the campus. It also opens stream for external team to see the worth and opportunities of and for the Salford University media Students.

Shock radio has won many awards and seems to always portray a very large range of talented presenters, jornalist and eventful shows. I hope you get voting so we can all enjoy the entertainment our radio brings to the University. #Shockradiorocks


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    Matt Damon   wrote, 19-05-2017 - 21:54

    Please no, if we wanted that we could listen to it our-self

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