Restricted Access to Individual Study Rooms in the Library

by Joanna Humphreys 01 May 2017, 21:33

Category: Facilities

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I for one am tired of other students huffing, puffing, giving me dirty looks and asking me to show them my email for proof when I ask them to leave the individual study room that I have booked. 

I'm sure that not everybody is like this, but the ones who are are ruining what should be a great facility. I propose that the access to individual study rooms is changed so that only the person who has booked the room can access it with their student card/by entering their student number on a keypad. This will stop students who clearly can't read the sign outside stating that the rooms MUST be booked in advance from using them anyway, and wasting the time of the student who's actually booked the room, who then needs to hang around outside whilst they pack up their stuff and find somewhere else. 


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    Emma Skinner   wrote, 06-05-2017 - 13:29

    I think this is a really good idea but would be very expensive to implement, do you have any way of raising the funds to place card readers on every door? Maybe a print out of the rooms bookings on the door for each day would be more cost effective?

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