Make it compulsory for Course Reps to be elected by peers.

by Hatty Ruddick 29 November 2017, 16:31

Category: Representation

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Currently around 60% of student reps are selected on a first-come-first served basis by programme leaders instead of an election as stated in university guidance. This may be due to many reasons; such as a course not having enough students interested to carry out an election. I am proposing that each student representative is elected by their course peers through an online ballot, this was piloted in the Law School last year.  As all other reps are either elected; Sabbatical Officers, Volunteer Officers, NUS Delegates, or go through an application and interview process; School Representatives. 

This system however should accommodate for courses without a certain number of students and allow small courses to be able to opt-out of an election process for their reps.

This will allow for students to know that they have had a say in the representation of their course and their time at the University of Salford. It will also encourage engagement in the democratic processes of the Students' Union.

As members of the Students' Union, you have a democratic right to say who represents you and who can argue for you in official channels, I believe that this should be extended to all representatives across the board. Therefore, I feel that it should be compulsory for Course/Student Reps to be elected by the cohort of students that they will represent.