Grade Boundaries

by Emma Skinner 27 April 2017, 13:13

Category: Assessment and Feedback

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There was a change in university policy for this academic year, where students joining the university are now on a higher-grade boundary. However, this has also affected students who have joined level 5 or level 6 from different institutions. This means that some students achieving 69 for the overall degree classification would come out with a first degree classifications, however students who have joined a level 5 or 6 achieving 69 as their overall degree classification would only achieve a 2:1. This is unfair on those students who have joined Salford at level 5 or 6 and been affected by this change. All students on the same level should be working towards the same grade boundaries. I propose that students joining level 5 or level 6 this academic year should be on the same grade boundaries as their peers. This would promote equality and inclusivity to new students who would of already found it difficult joining an already established course.