Bring back the stickers for disability students

by Emma Skinner 26 April 2017, 20:04

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At the start of the academic year the university changed it's policy for disability students, where they were no longer able to place a sticker on their pieces of work (assignments or exams). However, in order to ensure that students were not penalized for this there was a university wide change to marking criteria, where students were no longer marked down for grammar and punctuation. Although, this idea was good in principal there has been many issues regarding this where schools have not implemented, and students are still being marked down for grammar and punctuation because it stipulated in that piece of work that grammar and punctuation is included within the marking criteria. 

This is now leaving some disability students with no way of being identified, losing essential marks for grammar and punctuation and feeling more pressure in exams. I propose that the stickers are brought back in for disability students, so that they can be identified to the markers, and given a fair chance to achieve a good degree level. 


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    Nicole Freer   wrote, 27-04-2017 - 12:56

    I definitely back this big idea, positive changes need to be made!

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    Elizabeth Darby   wrote, 27-04-2017 - 13:21

    Fab idea

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