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Wednesday 11-05-2022 - 14:12
Officer update

Want to hear what your student officers have been up to recently? Here's an update of their amazing activity over the last few months - and a sneak peek of what they've got coming up. As always - any questions please give them a shout, they LOVE to hear from you! 






Hi Salford students, it's your Health and society officer here to give you an update of our wins and activities.

In the month of March, I attended NUS Liberation Conference. It's interesting to note that one of the key policy proposals discussed at the conference was a proposal submitted by USSU on women's public safety and spiking.

Besides, we had various groups to join for interesting discussions which cuts across Black students caucus, disabled student caucus, women's student caucus and more.

Finally, to keep you in the loop, I'm still working on peer Mentoring scheme implementation.

Best wishes

Your Health and Society Officer





Hi Everyone,

A very warm welcome to everyone who recently joined us.


Excited to inform you that we WON the highly commended SU of the year at the just concluded Educate North Awards, this shows how incredible and supportive everyone has been.  


I would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in Varsity, it was thrilling and awesome to have all of you down at Chester. Just a snapshot for those who missed Varsity, we went head-to-head with the University of Chester in a ground-shaking, heart-pumping, team clashing competition of sports. And YES! We won Varsity and the trophy fits perfectly in our cabinet😊. We had more than 500 students at Varsity, and again a MASSIVE thank you and CONGRATULATIONS to each one of you!


It was humbling to represent the entire students at a service to commemorate the life of our former chancellor HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abby.


Since my last update, I am excited to share that the last piece of my work in collaboration with the library team on dissertation guidance and digital dissertation is now live. The dissertation e-learning tool can be accessed via, and the digital dissertations accessed through Digital Dissertations - Salford University (


I am excited to inform you all that I have also successfully lobbied the university to ensure flexible tuition fee payments from September. This means that students will be able to pay across up to eight tuition fee monthly instalments. These ensure payments are less daunting, and students can focus on their studies while caring for their mental health. I was also successful in nudging the University into sending out more student-friendly messages to students during tuition fee debt chasing processes.


In my last update, I mentioned my presentation to ensure an engaging Post-graduates Research students (PGR) community, creating opportunities for teaching, industrial collaborations, and extracurricular activities. I am currently in the process of setting up a committee to ensure a Salford Research Staff Association is created. If you are a research student and interested in such opportunities, please do reach out via


I also referenced in my last update our bid to ensure accommodation hurdles are overcome, my colleague Akeem has more information on our recent successes on this.

I am also currently lobbying the university into expanding our on-campus GP and medical practices to ensure our students have prompt medical assistance. I know the last month has been exacting on some students or your experience has been impacted due to the recent industrial actions, please I will be happy to hear about this or any complaints and as always, will ensure your voice is heard.

please feel free to get in touch at once if you need anything or want to chat about some of the other things am currently on at



Hi all!


I informed you earlier in the year that I have been meeting with the university to discuss solutions to some of the issues students raised around accommodations. This forms part of the objectives to which students elected me to action.


Some of the problems raised are the standard of the accommodations, rogue landlords taking advantage of students because of some unfavourable terms of contracts students signed to or do not, and most especially is the case of international students, getting a UK guarantor which when not possible having to pay six months’ rent upfront before they could be considered for viewing and may end up not being offered.


Working with the officers’ team and staff at the students’ Union, I have secured £115,000 funding from the university to firstly train staff at the students’ union advice centre to give professional housing advice to students.


Secondly, the funds secured will primarily be used to start the students Union's own letting services to eliminate the many issues students face while trying to secure accommodation whilst studying at Salford.


Also, in my bid to see the catering services on campus diversified, I have been working closely with the students’ union Atmosphere kitchen and bar. I can report to you that there has been a massive support and an attempt at diversifying the menu, thanks to Alan Warnock. As part of the work to make this happen, there will be an International Food festival happening on12th May 2022. There will also be live performances of different genres of music and arts, and we hope this will lead to a regular pop up across our campuses.


Finally, on 25th March, the SBS BAME students’ network held a town hall event focusing on BAME students’ experiences.


Please, join the SBS BAME Students Network today to contribute to this network, that has been created to promote students belonging, tackle racism and serve as a safe space for BAME students in SBS. Join here: 



Best wishes

Your Business and Law officer

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