A statement from your Officer Team on #EaseTheFees

Tuesday 02-02-2021 - 16:11
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Today we are asking for Salford Students to join their SU Officers to campaign for the Government to reimburse tuition fees. We believe that although the University is trying it’s best under the circumstances, the education that students at Salford have received does not satisfy the level of tuition fees they are paying (whether through future payments, or upfront). This is due to a lack of face-to-face teaching; lack of access to facilities such as laboratories, studio spaces, performance spaces, workshop facilities, photography facilities; cancelled field trips and site visits, live performances, and a reduction in employability and graduate progression usually associated with the programme. This lists only a few examples of the impact this pandemic has had on our students. 


We know that significant efforts and investments, including the hard work of the academic and professional staff at the University of Salford, have gone into providing an excellent educational offering for students despite the pandemic and we thank staff for this. Even so, it has been impossible to provide an education worth its price this year, for reasons outside of the university’s control.  The Officer team therefore believe that the students at this University have not been provided the adequate educational offerings to justify their tuition fees throughout this pandemic.


Furthermore, at The Students’ Union, we recognise that it is not possible for the University to refund students' tuition fees directly, without causing detrimental financial instability for the institution. Therefore, our campaign is primarily concerned with joining forces with other Students’ Unions nationally to target the Government, who oversee the relevant Student Finance providers for UK students. The Government have the ability to wipe a portion of affected students’ debts, to account for insufficient education provision this year, and to provide more support for universities where students have paid their fees upfront and therefore need immediate cash refunds. 


Here's how you can help, fill in this short form on tuition fees to tell us if you think you've received value for money this academic year and we'll be in a better position to fight for you.

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