Environmental & Sustainability Promise

The Students’ Union is committed to improving the environment we all live in

We recognise that our operations result in emissions to air and water, and the generation of waste. We are therefore committed to minimising our impact on the environment by means of a programme of continuous improvement. Therefore we are committed to:

  • Integrating environmental considerations into future business policy decisions
  • Identifying, prioritising and documenting the Union’s most significant environmental aspects and environmental impacts, and creating a plan to reduce these where possible
  • Work proactively with the University to reduce energy consumption in the premises occupied by the Union and ensure that any future developments of those premises are delivered with a view to minimising their environmental impact
  • Encouraging students and staff to switch off lighting, computers and other electrical equipment appropriately to minimise energy consumption
  • Proactively reducing the volume of waste to landfill produced by the Union, and recycling as much as practicably possible whilst working with the University to ensure that University waste disposal/recycling arrangements take account of the needs of the Union
  • Monitoring, and seeking to reduce, paper consumption in office printing and photocopying, whilst attempting to increase the proportion of paper used for printing, copying and publications sourced from recycled material or from sustainably managed forests
  • Working pro-actively with the University, Local Authority and other Students’ Unions and the community at large to progress environmental initiatives and exchange best practice
  • Meeting and, where appropriate, exceeding the requirements of all relevant legislation
  • Using our social media and the website to promote environmental issues
  • Participating in NUS Green Impact

Find out more about the University Of Salford perspective here and the estates policy.

Reusable Coffee Cups

The Students’ Union is going chewing gum free thanks to an innovative recycling idea.

Instead of ending up stuck on the ground, partner company Gumdrop transform the sticky mess into – coffee mugs!

Yes, coffee mugs – and reusable, unbreakable ones that you can buy on campus.

16 bright pink, bubble-shaped bins – themselves made of recycled gum – have been hung around campuses.

The gum is collected and we get these great mugs in return, and remember reusable mugs avoid the 25p 'disposable cup charge'!

Evie Adams, Sabbatical Officer for Science & Technology is behind the scheme based in University House on Peel Park Campus. With collaboration with The Library who handed out 500 free in Welcome 2018.

Salford is one of the first universities in the UK to adopt the green scheme.

Mugs cost just £4 and are available from Atmosphere Kitchen and Bar in the Café.

Find the interview with Evie Adams on turning chewing gum in to coffee cups here.

Gum Recycling

Gum across campus is being given a second chance in a new recycling project by the University and SU.

16 bins are located at entrances to all of the main buildings and walking routes. In hope that students and staff will choose to recycle rather than floor their gum!

Check out the University of Salford's article here: Give gum a second life.

Your Waste on Campus

The Students’ Union and across the university there is a campus wide recycling. Here at the SU we have continued with these schemes and are involved in a food composting scheme through AKB.

See the University’s policy here.

NUS Green Impact

In 2018, Salford SU achieved 3 NUS Green Impact awards.

  • Atmosphere Kitchen and Bar won a silver in 2018
  • The Students' Union won silver in 2018.
  • Student Led Project 2018