Chair of Cheer - Lauren Blisset

Three Cheers for Cheer Chair Lauren Blisset! 

 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? Lauren! This cheer leader and student leader has been making sure her team has a place to train. She caught us up on what she’s gained from committee. 


A Reference from Club Sport Coordinator Casey Blagg

New to her role Lauren has already made great strides to ensure that her club gets the best out of the upcoming year. Given that last year the club didn’t have a home, during the relaxation of rules in oct/nov the club were training outdoor doing fitness which isn’t very appropriate given the sport. Therefore this summer, Lauren has been in contact with me to aid the provision of fit-for-purpose facilities. This included doing her own research into the local area and possible venues. Given her determination thus far, I think the club is in great hands. 

3rd September 2021