The USSU Skills Awards



There are twelve awards up for grabs to celebrate your skills. Communication. Problem Solving. Emotional intelligence. Professionalism. Financial and Digital Skills. Achieve bronze by completing online courses. Achieve silver by applying your knowledge in your volunteering. Impress your tutors, future employers, and your Grandma in your holiday zoom call.  

Becoming a more skilled volunteer means you can have a greater positive impact in your own life, your Students’ Union and your local community. These awards are based on the graduate attributes - the skills that the University believes all Salford students should have when they graduate.

How to Get a Bronze Award

  1. Be a registered volunteer with USSU
  2. Sign up to LinkedIn Learning with your institutional link 
  3. Complete the relevant LinkedIn Learning Path (When you've registered, follow the links on the badges above)
    • Each learning path is made up of four hours of specially selected online courses in the relevant skills area.
  4. Email to say which bronze award you have completed, and we will issue your digital certificate at the end of the semester 

[Course reps can also achieve the USSU Bronze Communicator Award by registering on our volunteering portal as a course rep and attending USSU workshops 'Managing Difficult Conversations' and 'Presenting with Confidence'] 

[Rafiki volunteers can also achieve the USSU Bronze Emotionally Intelligent Award by registering on our volunteering portal as a Rafiki volunteer and attending their Rafiki training.] 

How to Get a Silver Award

  1. Have completed the bronze award for that skill area e.g. to be a USSU Silver Communicator, you must first be a USSU Bronze Communicator 
  2. Complete two SSTARR reflections on our volunteering platform about two occasions when you have developed two separate skills within the relevant skillset. 
    •  E.g. for the USSU Silver Communicator award, you could do one reflection about a time when you developed your listening skills, and another reflection about a time when you developed your skill of influencing others. 
  3. Email to say which silver award you have completed and we will issue your digital certificate at the end of the semester 


Which Skills fall within each skillset? 


Communicator Emotionally Intelligent Professional Financially Skilled Problem Solver Problem Solver

Verbal Communication



Literacy and copywriting


Negotiation and influencing

Public Speaking

Teaching and training

Other skill, please state 









Conflict resolution 



Positive attitude

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Other skill, please state











Administration and clerical


Event Planning


Being Adaptable

Planning and organising


Team Work


Self Management

Time Management

Other skill, please state






Financial planning



Money Management 

Other skill, please state
















Creative Problem solver


Decision Making

Project Management

Critical Thinking and evaluation 

Other skill, please state 












IT, Computers and web skills 

Office IT (Word, Excel, etc.) 

Creative and design

Other skill, please state
















Get Certificates from LinkedIn Learning, and from USSU!

  • For the Bronze Awards, you can download digital certificates directly from LinkedIn Learning when you complete each course within a Learning Path.
  • When you complete all the criteria for a silver or bronze award, email email, and we will check your details and issue your digital certificates for our skills awards at the end of each semester.

Put 'Open Badges' on your LinkedIn profile

  • An 'Open Badge' is a way to credential online education. It's an icon that contains a link to a course and the date that you completed it.They look great on your LinkedIn profile! 
  • For the Bronze awards, each course within the LinkedIn Learning Path has the option to put an 'open badge' on your LinkedIn profile.
  • When you complete the course, click 'Add to Profile' 

LinkedIn Learning is free!

  • Yes. LinkedIn Learning is free for all students and staff at the University of Salford.  

You don't need a LinkedIn account to achieve the awards

  • When you sign up to LinkedIn Learning, it will ask whether or not you want to link your account to a LinkedIn profile.