The USSU Bronze Communicator Award

Active listening. Public speaking. Influencing others. Writing with impact. These are communication skills that we believe every Salford student should have when they graduate. 

Complete our specially selected online courses and start communicating like a pro!

When you complete the Learning Path, you'll get a USSU Bronze Communicator certificate from us. You can also put 'badges' on your LinkedIn profile for each course. 

Achieve this Award!

How do I get my Certificate?

  • When you complete the Learning Path, you will be emailed a digital certificate from your Students' Union.
  • You can also download digital certificates directly from LinkedIn Learning when you complete each course.

How do I put it on my LinkedIn Profile?

  • Each course within the Learning Path has the option to put an 'open badge' on your LinkedIn profile.
  • This 'open badge' will contain a link to the course and the date that you completed it
  • When you complete the course, you have the option to 'Add to Profile' 

Is LinkedIn Learning free?

  • Yes. LinkedIn Learning is free for all students and staff at the University of Salford.  

I don't have a LinkedIn account! Can I still achieve the award?

  • Yes you can. You do not need a LinkedIn profile to access LinkedIn Learning
  • When you sign up to LinkedIn Learning, it will ask whether or not you want to link your account to a LinkedIn profile.