Online Microvolunteering

Eight Online Microvolunteering Opportunities for Self-Isolation 

Quarantine? More like quaran- TIME for some volunteering! 

Are you feeling bored at home? Missing the feeling of ‘getting involved’? Want to do good while you're self-isolating?

It’s time for some remote volunteering! Here are some online volunteering opportunities for self-isolation.  

1) Read Easy

This charity helps adults learn to read. Do online research to help them set up a Salford group. 

Help adults read!

2) United Nations

Help UN partners with the Covid-19 response through outreach, writing, design, and more.

Volunteer for the UN

3) Instant Wild 

Instant Wild support you to identify live images and videos of animals from around the world.

Tag that giraffe!

4) Translators without Borders 

Speak another language? Help this organisation translate medical texts and translate for crisis response.
Just speak English? You can also volunteer as a project manager, graphic or web designer or fundraiser.

Ayuda el mundo!

5) Boston Public Library

Care about black history? Transcribe letters between 19th Century anti-slavery activists. You'll be helping make these texts easier to read and study. 

Transcribe the past!

6) Librivox

Read, listen to, and coordinate production of audiobooks!

Make Audiobooks!  

7) Be My Eyes

Volunteer your vision to solve tasks and help blind people lead more independent lives. 

Help Visually Impaired Folks

8) Missing Maps 

Look at satellite images of remote places and help make maps of them.

Map the World


7th January 2020