Volunteer Outreach Assistant

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Time commitment: Must be available on Mondays and/or Fridays, and able to commit to at least one visit per month

● Available on Mondays and/or Fridays
● Access to email and phone
● Punctual
● Good communication skills - both using IT and in-person
● Reliable
● Adaptable
● Professional
● Good teamworking skills
● Committed to ongoing training and development
● Willing to undertake a DBS check

● Driver
● Knowledge of mental health needs
● Experience working with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults
● Animal welfare knowledge

● Communicate promptly with the volunteer coordinator and lead therapists
● Work as a team with the lead therapist and other volunteers
● Support clients to interact with the animals
● Be friendly, empathetic and attentive to clients’ needs
● Notify staff as soon as possible if you cannot attend
● Adhere to all Noah’s A.R.T. policies and procedures at all times
● Understand that you represent Noah’s A.R.T. when volunteering, and behave respectfully, professionally and courteously to clients, carers, Noah’s A.R.T. staff and other volunteers at all times
● Take reasonable care to avoid injury to yourself or others and report any accident or injury immediately
● Take safeguarding seriously and report any concerns to staff
● Understand that you must not disclose to a third party any confidential information you obtain whilst volunteering which is not available to the public
● Maintain animal welfare standards during sessions
● Understand the selection of animals for therapy work and suitability of animals with different clients
● Promote the safety of the animals during sessions, including allowing them to have choice to interact or retreat
● Handle the animals confidently as needed
● Recognise the signs of stress in the animals and understand how to reduce stress
● Recognise signs of illness or injury in the animals
● Be aware of behaviour changes in the animals and report this to Noah’s ART staff
● Report any incidents such as nipping, biting to self or participants etc.

Gain experience of animal-assisted interventions
● Gain experience working with a wide range of people with differing mental health needs
● Training in animal welfare
● Gain skills required for working within a team – communication, advocacy, decision making
● Opportunities to meet others who care about animals
● Opportunity to support others
● Opportunities to progress into other volunteer roles
● Improve self-esteem and confidence

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Required Role

Volunteer Outreach Assistant

Key responsibilities

We require volunteers to support our therapeutic and educational outreach visits. This is a client-facing role supporting animal-assisted intervention visits to care homes, schools, hospitals and community groups across Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

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  • Verbal Communication
  • Initiative
  • Interpersonal
  • Listening
  • Non-judgemental
  • Positive attitude
  • Practicality
  • Team Work

Desirable Skills

  • Other skill, please explain
  • Self Management

Skill to gain

  • Confidence
  • Interpersonal
  • Counselling
  • Positive attitude
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Self Management

When can you do this role/Calendar

Minimum commitment level: Once a month

Start Date: 23-02-2023

  2. Monday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Wednesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Friday
  7. Saturday
  8. Sunday
  2. MORNING monday
  3. MORNING tuesday
  4. MORNING wednesday
  5. MORNING thursday
  6. MORNING friday
  7. MORNING saturday
  8. MORNING sunday
  2. AFTERNOON monday
  3. AFTERNOON tuesday
  4. AFTERNOON wednesday
  5. AFTERNOON thursday
  6. AFTERNOON friday
  7. AFTERNOON saturday
  8. AFTERNOON sunday
  2. EVENING monday
  3. EVENING tuesday
  4. EVENING wednesday
  5. EVENING thursday
  6. EVENING friday
  7. EVENING saturday
  8. EVENING sunday


Borough Arcade, Hyde SK14 2AA, UK

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