Meet the Table Tennis Club!

Friday 17-03-2017 - 11:00
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A club that also has Varsity experience is Table Tennis. Smashing off in Allerton at 11.30am next Wednesday, the team are more than confident that using our own facilities could play a real factor in helping to bring home the trophy this year.

Last year Chester only accommodated 1 table, but this year we will have 4 to allow for more than one game to go ahead at once. This enables more players to participate and more action to be enjoyed!

The club have performed superbly this year, with moving up a league giving them the confidence needed to edge a victory!

One particular member of the club, Haty Math, who couldn’t play last year, is keen to be on top form this time alongside the rest of the team. He tells us that there will be 16 games in total, with the last game played by doubles of the two which score the most to decide an ultimate winner.

So make sure you head over to support our remarkable Table Tennis club on Wednesday, and get to know your drop shots from your chop shots!

The full Varsity fixture list can be seen here.



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