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Wednesday 15-03-2017 - 09:29
Football article

With a whole lot of history between Team Salford and Chester, they meet again for another match at this next week's Varsity!

After speaking with some of the men’s football team members there’s a definite vibe that suggests this match will be a particularly memorable one!

Chairman Omar Tizini confidently states, “I think we are better prepared for it this year than last year, with all teams doing well in their leagues, and the 2nds and 3rds still in a position to win their leagues. Our rivalry with Chester started way before Varsity and has spiced up a notch this year after the games we've played against them this year. As a club we've played them 4 times this year with each team winning two games. The 1st team won but then suffered a loss to Chester in a dubious cup replay.” Lastly he tells us that “our defence is more experienced and our midfield and attack has produced more goals this season.”

Also to express his thoughts on the upcoming match is 2nd Captain Iain Milner who’s “feeling excited to have a home crowd” and thinks “expectation wise, the football is going to be a lot more physical than last year due to having to play on a grass pitch compared to a 3G astro.”

So if that doesn’t entice you to head down and support our Men’s Football next Wednesday then we don’t know what will!

Go on lads!

To see the full fixture line-up for next Wednesday's Varsity, head here. Don't forget to pick up one of our Varsity 2017 t-shirts either!



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