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Thursday 09-03-2017 - 10:25
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New to Varsity this year, Archery are poised and ready! Chairperson Lovelyn Goh and Vice Chair George Stafford-Roberts contacted Chester University in an effort to get Archery involved this year. With both teams keen to par-take, an agreed upon point system, rulebook and total number of archers were confirmed.

On the 22nd March, Archery will take centre stage over at Allerton in the main hall and although our team are conscious of the limited space at this venue, they have come up with a way of making this a more exciting and challenging competition. Unlike other competitions they have took part in using a target called a ‘Portsmouth’ which are much bigger, to show Chester what we’re really made of Team Salford Archery have introduced a much smaller target, called a ‘Bray’ to make things a little more interesting!

The Team Salford archers explain that whilst all participants, both us and Chester, share the same target, something Team Salford will not be sharing with Chester is the trophy!

Best of luck guys!

To see this year’s full Varsity fixture list, click here.



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