The Union should take part in the Prevent Scheme.

by Kieran Stockton 25 May 2017, 13:26

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Instead of the Union boycotting the Intiative the Union should be taking part. 


[Note by admin: This policy would revoke the "students not suspects" policy passed by Union Council on the 23rd February 2016. Full text available here]


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    Matthew Dodd   wrote, 29-09-2017 - 20:51

    Why wouldn't the SU take part? Does the SU sympathise with terrorists?

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    Kieran Stockton   wrote, 06-10-2017 - 01:42

    @MatthewDodd ... Apparently so. Apparently students lives are expendable as long as the Union and University adhere to the PC Brigade!

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    Hannah Smith   wrote, 06-10-2017 - 05:27

    I don’t understand why it has been boycotted - I have received this training as part of the NHS (student nurse) and it’s very helpful. It’s not a witch hunt, it’s about recognising that vulnerable people can be targeted, and it’s not saying that you’re looking at your fello students, you could recognise anyone you come across as being vulnerable and potentially having been radicalised.

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    Hope Bragg   wrote, 12-10-2017 - 13:33

    I didn't previously know what this was.. so I had a quick searc.. this is what I found I don't really understand why this would be a bad thing? is it not a protective measure for people who are at risk of being drawn into terrorism? Can someone explain if otherwise?

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