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by Hannah Dunn 08 November 2017, 21:21

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Hi there,

I am aware that this particular issue has previously been raised, but to no avail. I amongst many of my collegues are constantly bewildered by the obsene prices of products being sold in the University environment such as the student store next to the Chapman library i.e. £1.90 for a can of a vitamin drink (I can't remeber the brand name). Many of us like myself are living within a budget due to the fact that we did not fit into the ridiculous "circumstances" with student finance. In addition, I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyaligia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- the pain relief of which lies partly with one's appetite. I have been made aware of the fact that there are other students with ailments similar to mine so I can only wonder about their situation. Moreover with the current "meal deal" which is priced at £3.85 has rather minimal choice, in my opinion.

I cannot emphasise enough how much I have adored my time at Salford and how it has improved me, both personally and intellectually. The matters in regard to prices (not just food and drink but also with academic resources such as folders etc.) is the only fault I can find.

Thanks for reading!


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    Ibrahim Abulgasem Karir   wrote, 17-11-2017 - 21:26

    every time i go out the shop. I realize that i spent 7 pound over few thing without even a bag to carry them LOL and when i buy cigarettes with few things haha, "18 pound please" by the cashier, I pay them with one eye crying and the other is smiling. lol prices are disaster. is it because the only shop in the area ???

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    Hannah Dunn   wrote, 19-11-2017 - 20:27

    I know-it's so irritating! :-(

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    Hannah Dunn   wrote, 25-11-2017 - 18:22

    Just as an idea of how extortionate the prices are- I can buy two bottles of Pepsi for £1.50 at my local corner shop which is the price of A SINGLE BOTTLE at university!

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