Peel campus needs more parking.

by Jevgenij Varsavskij 17 October 2017, 21:13

Category: Facilities

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This idea did not meet the 25 likes/dislikes requirement within 21 days so will not go forward to Union Council. 



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Main campus that accomodates for high number of students cannot provide enough parking spaces. Multiple car parks are not avaliable due to "staff only" or "annual permit only", they have numerous spaces avaliable, but students are advised to park in new opened car parking spaces underneath the student halls. Two tiny car parkings that get overcrowded by 8.45am... 
Lets open up the parking by chapman building and have open access on the main parking behind peel building... Massive patches of grass outside chapman, this area couldve been converted easily into parking, or a parking compound. Over a year constructions went on, in the end feels like there is less parking on campus than was before... Nevermind paying 5er to park anyway...