More hot food options

by Melissa Ozcan 19 October 2017, 17:53

Category: Facilities

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There is currently a very limited choice of hot food available on campus. Salfood only ever have two or three options available at lunch. The menu in the Students Union is pretty small too - pizza or burger every day, no thanks. There are plenty of places to get sandwiches or salad but who wants to eat that every day? The recent addition of a Subway has been great and has added more variety to the food options available. I would really like to see this extended and more food companies brough onto campus. For example, at the University of Leeds they have brought in local business Humpit, that specialise in hummus and pitta based meals. We could do something similar with local businesses in Salford or Manchester - maybe the food market in the Arndale would be a good place to start.