Make the university more sustainable and eco friendly

by Victoria Rice 01 October 2016, 16:53

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We are lucky to have a wide number of venues that serve food around the uni. However, it seems like we are committing a huge amount of waste each day to landfill. The UK generated 200.0 million tonnes of total waste in 2012. This figure is rising year on year. 
However, this could be different if we implemented a few small changes:
1. Don't offer pizza boxes for people eating in at the SU. A plate is fine for those eating in.
2. Provide mugs for drinks in the cafes across campus, instead of the thousands of paper cups that we are throwing away each day.
3. Introduce a 25p reduction in price for hot drinks for those people that bring in reusable/keep cups. It is a strategy impelemented in many venues across the UK so why not in our uni?

Surely we should be educating students to be thoughtful, responsible world citizens. How can encouraging a throw away society be helping to make the world a better place?

In fact the NUS has a sustainability section, sadly, we are falling far behind our counterparts across the country. 

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