Free car parking from 1800pm Monday to Friday and weekend for students

by Gada Eltahir 07 November 2016, 17:09

Category: Facilities

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The majority of Salford University students prefer to stay after lectures, revising in the library until the midnight. Some of these students work only part-time and some of them do not have a job. Therefore the students do not have enough money to pay for their life expenses, fuel, insurances and also for parking inside their University. We’ve all paid our dues in form of tuition fees and I believe we deserve a little concession from the University. Parking outside the University is unsafe for students especially ladies, I hereby call on the University to:

1.     Make car parking free from 6.00pm Monday to Friday and weekend for students

2.     Make car parking signposts more visible for students.


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    Gregory Foster   wrote, 10-11-2016 - 20:39

    good idea

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    Kayin Darbey   wrote, 15-11-2016 - 14:43

    Great idea !

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