Bring Back The Bus

by Tanmay Barhale 28 August 2015, 15:58

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Following a number of conversations around the future viability of the Campus Bus, a decision was reached not to run the bus from September 2015.

As the sabbatical officers disagreed to the decision that was made, our initial response was to ask the University to reconsider their options about the removal of the campus bus because students rely on this service as a safe alternative to walking through campus.

Our key points of concern were:

  • Students needing low cost transport between campuses
  • Campus lighting and feeling safe after hours
  • Impact for students with a disability or limited mobility
  • Impact on attendance at our evening events

Despite raising our concerns about this issue the decision about the Campus Bus was not reconsidered, we as a Students union have Students best interest in our mind and after their request now we are now launching this petition as a result to bring the bus back. 



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    Thomas Roberts   wrote, 28-08-2015 - 16:28

    I'm sure £9000 per year from each and every student could cover the bus cost, even if it ran less frequently :P

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    Todd Hewitt   wrote, 28-08-2015 - 16:37

    Brilliant stuff!

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    Rabia Ali   wrote, 28-08-2015 - 17:09

    Its around twelve UK/EU students worth of fees. It should be more than possible.

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    Kate Mason   wrote, 28-08-2015 - 17:26

    That bus makes things so much easier for people at the Adelphi Campus, in winter when it's dark I definitely don't feel safe walking through the park back to Seaford Road

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    WRdNW_20181204062510 WRdNW_20181204062510   wrote, 28-08-2015 - 21:31

    A number of students were mugged last year and the year before at knife point. Do Salford Uni even care about the students well being at all?

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    Terry Hall   wrote, 28-08-2015 - 22:49

    I suffer from a heart condition and walking in the cold weather is especially hard on me, the bus helps me get around from tesco, and to the bus stop so I can get to media city, without making myself ill. Abolishing the bus, would make it difficult for disabled students, like me to get around, and it's unfair.

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    Lavinia-dumitrita Alexoiu   wrote, 29-08-2015 - 13:00

    We understand that the university is a business, but more needs to be done with the well-being of students in mind. Why are we never consulted when major decisions like this one are taking place?

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    Luke Dudley   wrote, 29-08-2015 - 13:25

    When one is paying £9000, there are so many things I would expect the university to offer, one of which is transport around the various campuses and accommodation sites. I assume that the price of the new accommodation will go down as a result as this bus service was used as part of the sales pitch? Plus there is the matter of safety? It is Salford and it's not the most safe place to be walking around in the dark winter nights. It would put me off things like clubs and activities if it meant walking at night. It's a disgraceful discussion! The university have let its students down.

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    Lovelyn Anne Zhi Yuan Goh   wrote, 29-08-2015 - 18:06

    My family is already worried enough about my safety being all the way on the other side of the world. Now my late nights in the library will end with me possibly getting mugged (or worse!) on the way home? My mother doesn't need a heart attack, thanks. Just run the bus, we're paying students and we deserve to feel safe in our own campus. plus it gets uncomfortably dark in winter really quickly. I don't want to regret my decision of leaving the tropics...

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    Rosa Wagstaff   wrote, 29-08-2015 - 21:44

    Sorry but is it even possible to walk through Salford in the dark (4pm onwards in winter) without getting stabbed? What a let down.

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    Emily Hall   wrote, 29-08-2015 - 22:28

    Me and my brother use this bus a lot, it is difficult to get shopping as it is and without this bus would make it even harder to get it back to accommodation. Also i dont feel safe walking around salford at night as i would normally wait at the bus stops with other students, that would make me feel safer then walking home at night by myself. Also my brother suffers with a heart condition and is difficult for him to walk in bad weather and now i am worried about going back to uni without this service.

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    Bryony Dale   wrote, 30-08-2015 - 16:34

    The bus reduces the walk to uni considerably from where I live and too and from the Adelphi library for late night classes in the dance studios and use of the library. Peel park is particularly unsafe to walk through in the evenings due to past issues and how dark it can get (also a lack of street lights!) Its a shame the deadline isn't shorter as we will already be into darker nights because of the season when the bus is needed most! Salford university need to show an interest in their students safety and well-being, this is a complete lack of responsibility

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    Christina Sims   wrote, 30-08-2015 - 16:35

    Everyone in arts & media at the Adelphi campus gets a great deal of use from this bus. Some of my lectures this year don't finish until 6pm, and I am not going to feel safe walking back to the train station in the winter when it is dark. The 50 bus is not an alternative for all the students at the Adelphi campus, and there is absolutely nothing else that will ensure our safety when walking along that road to get back to the main road on the Crescent. WE NEED THIS SERVICE TO CONTINUE.

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    IuWgs_20181204062556 IuWgs_20181204062556   wrote, 31-08-2015 - 20:32

    Please bring it back. I am afraid.

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    Jessica James   wrote, 31-08-2015 - 22:34

    I have asthma, when i go outside in winter it kicks off if it's too cold and i have an asthma attack... So bring it back or you'll have my death on your hands because i'm irresponsible and sometimes forget my jacket! >:( For once can you give more of a crap about your students than your profits?!

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    Anna-maria Georgieva   wrote, 01-09-2015 - 17:53

    I honestly don't know how the university thought this was a good idea. Considering there are about 20000 students who pay 9000 pounds a year (more if they are International) I'd figure they'd manage to scrounge 100 000 pounds for the bus. And yes, Castle Irwell is gone, but let's not forget that Bramall Court is not exactly front and centre either and there is quite a bit of a walk between the accommodation building and the 50 bus stop. I do not look forward to doing that come December-February when it gets so cold, or after I've done my shopping and I have to carry heavy bags all the way back... Personally, I don't feel safe walking anywhere after sunset (especially given that the crime rates are not low) and I most definitely do not approve of the university's decision.

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    Sally Higham   wrote, 03-09-2015 - 10:09

    So because Castle irwell is no longer paying for the university bus and no other accommodation will, the students who pay £9'000 or more a year have to have their safety at risk? Salford you are already earning a substantial amount of money from us already (and yes I'm aware that a big part of our 9'000 goes right in the governments pocket) surely a free, safe bus service in what is quite a rough area Is not to much to ask? This is absolutely appalling. Since being at the university their has already been rape and attacks reported, my house last year had a brick thrown through the window and you expect students to walk through the streets where that happens!? Its insane! Please think about the students, the people who are going to be your future doctors, lawers, politicians ect.. and let them study in safety! BRING BACK THE BUS!

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    Mark Grimshaw   wrote, 03-09-2015 - 13:38

    This is just the completely wrong thing to do with how many students rely on it. And stop using the awful Castle Irwell excuse, the new accommodation is much more expensive rent so could easily cover bus cost, as if every students £9000 a year doesn't already.

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    Melissa Andrews   wrote, 04-09-2015 - 19:33

    I'm asthmatic, and being out in cold weather increases my risk of an attack. Additionally, I don't feel safe walking through Peel Park, especially in dark winter evenings when my lectures have finished late. Why should university profits come before the safety and wellbeing of the students? It's a shame this business treats its paying customers in this way.

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    Charley Haynes   wrote, 06-09-2015 - 01:02

    Good idea, University of Salford! Make it harder for your students to get to the lectures they're paying for.

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    Lindsay Barker   wrote, 08-09-2015 - 20:16

    I chose my accommodation this year partly because I knew the Uni bus would stop right outside it (IQ/Tramways) I know for a fact I wont feel safe walking through Peel Park to get home on a dark winter evening. The campuses are fine to get to on the free 50 bus, but the accommodations (IQ, Eddie Coleman, John Lester, Tramways) are not. Bad decision-let's hope more people can sign the petition.

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    Dushan Chamath Warnakulasuriya Mahalekamge   wrote, 09-09-2015 - 00:16

    Uni bus transport is a very useful service; If the university could be able to use only £ 10 from each student's fees, there could be a BUDGET of over £ 200.000 (as in our uni there approx. 20.000 students or more)

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    dyrDp_20181204063755 dyrDp_20181204063755   wrote, 10-09-2015 - 13:44

    It's a disgrace that Clv are not paying for it, at the end of the day they still own John Lester and they still own Bramall and are full at all of them. A lot of people on living in Peel Park coz it is a rip off its too expensive! But also if you look in the adverts for John Lester & Bramall and there brochure it clearly says there is a free campus bus provided for you to all residents. That's also basically the main headline for Bramall in the brochure and without this service and with them falsely advertising it they need to put it back in place or seriously deduce our rents!

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    Jian Yap   wrote, 29-10-2015 - 13:34

    International student like me paid almost 13k for tuition fees and we demand free bus!

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