Access to microwave/kettle/toaster in cafe/canteen areas

by Hope Bragg 04 November 2017, 16:11

Category: Facilities

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In January 2016 a Big Idea was put forward to have a microwave and kettle on the ground floor of the library, however this was voted against by senate. (See link below) 
Although the library may be an unreasonable place to have these appliances, I think it would be beneficial to have them available in cafe and canteen areas.

It is great to have the option to buy food from the outlets avilable, however these shops often don't adhere to everyone's dietary needs such as religious requirements, allergies and intollerances and vegetarian/vegan options. 
Also, the food options rarely change which can become boring, and as students, we do not have the money to spend on food for at home AND food when in university. Many students feel that the options on campus are not healthy or what they like to eat, and would prefer to bring in their own food, but are currently limited due to the absense of these appliances. 


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