Your Big Ideas

Big Ideas is a quick and easy way to submit ideas for things you want to change at Salford or on a local or national level

An effective Big Idea should consider 3 things:

Facts: What is the issue we are trying to solve? What do we already know about this issue?

Impact: How does this issue impact on the student experience? Is it negative?

Action: What would you like USSU to do to fix the issue? How do we need to take this forward?

Big ideas gives you the chance to submit suggestions about how to make the Union, University or the wider community better for students. 

This gives you the chance to shape the work of the union. 

1) Log in to the website and submit your idea

2) Once online your idea will be live for 21 days for students to vote for or against it

3) Ideas that have 25+ votes with a majority in favour go forward to Union Council for debate on how to take it forward

4) Ideas that have 150+ votes with more than 2/3's being "likes" will become Union policy



To enable your democratic right to use this system we need to process some data. When you login via one of the mechanisms above we process your data contained within our membership records for the purposes of administration, communication, access rights and statistical reporting. For full information on our data processing please view our Student Data Protection Statement at