Your Voluntary Officers

The University of Salford Students’ Union is led by a team of elected student officers, who work to advocate for student groups by elevating their voices and campaigning for changes to education, safety and other important aspects of student life.

The Voluntary Officers make up the biggest section of the Student Leadership team but unlike the full-time Sabbatical Officers, they carry out their roles alongside their degrees.

The Student Leadership Team are elected at the March elections every year. If you’re interested in running for a Student Officer position, see our Elections Page.

The Voluntary Officer for the academic year 2020/21 are:


Name: Natalie Nyamadzi


Position: BME Officer

Hey guys! My name is Natalie, I’m a 2nd year Law with Criminology student and this year, I’ll be the BME Officer. I decided to run for the position because I wanted to have the opportunity to represent the ethnic minority communities at the University. A focus of mine this year is to increase cultural awareness of each and every culture we have in the student community, here at Salford. We have so many different cultures here at Salford and I truly believe that once we start to accept the cultural diversity that we have at the University, it will increase tolerance and the harmony that is present in our society.


Name: Hope Bragg


Position: Community and Wellbeing Officer

Hi there! I’m Hope, your Community and Wellbeing officer for the next year. I’m currently studying a Masters in Literature and Culture after finishing my English Literature degree in this year. I’ve been involved with the SU since I started here at Salford, and so far, I’ve been a School Rep for two years, started and charged the BSL society, and am in my second year of sitting on the SU Trustee Board. With this potentially being my final year studying, I really wanted to get more involved and hands on I the SU and am excited to see what the next year brings. I hope that this year I can push for more training for Personal Tutors and am focused on making sure you are supported in starting or coming back to university in light of everyone’s recent struggles. Feel free to shoot me an email any time you want to talk!


Name: Victory Ekaeze


Position: International Students’ Officer

I am an MA Nursing student. My decision to run for the international Student's Officer role is because I am an International Student and I want to represent the international students community especially for the fact of what they encounter in school due to where they come from. It is born out of care, and compassion to be the voice of those whose voice cannot be heard as much as I can. My main focus this year is to have an effective time impacting lives, will be organizing meetings to get acquainted with these set of student and working with the SU sabbatical officers to make sure that the international office is smooth and running as it should so that all student can feel at home away from home.


Name: Oliver Sweetman


Position: Sports and Societies Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Olly and I’m your Sports and Societies Officer for this academic year. I’ve been involved in sport at the Students’ Union since I started my degree, specifically in the American Football club. With the current lockdown measures, we’re working extremely hard to ensure that all of our extracurricular groups can still run to provide you with a great experience in meeting fellow students with common interests. Alongside this, I will be working directly with other Voluntary Officers to campaign and champion greater inclusivity and equality in sport. I’ll be working mainly with the Trans* and LGBTQ+ officers in this project.


Name: Alex Reeve

Position: Students’ with Disabilities Officer

Hi! My name is Alex and I’ll be starting my 2nd year, studying TV and Radio. I’m really looking forward to taking over as you Students’ with Disabilities Officer this year, with the aim to support all students with disabilities across all of our campus’ in Salford. We drastically need to improve accessibility to all sites across the University, so naturally, this will be a big focus of mine this year. Also, I intend on developing relationships with a variety of organisations across Salford and the Greater Manchester area, to provide disabled students at Salford with a vast array of opportunities, whether that be whilst they’re at University or after they graduate.


Name: Ben Hodge


Position: Trans* Students Officer

Hi! My name is Ben and I am the Trans* Officer at USSU. I am going into my 3rd year studying Media and Performance and I am originally from Liverpool. You may see me around campus and, if you like a laugh, you can often find me performing stand-up at various gigs in Manchester. I wanted to run for Trans* Officer as I felt that the university and SU were really supportive with my transition when I first started and really made me feel welcome within the university setting. This is something I wanted to offer to other students as well as champion their struggles or any issues that they may face on campus. I am here for all trans* students and our allies and I want to make sure that Salford remains a trans*-inclusive environment. This year, my focus is on sports and societies and creating a trans*-inclusive sports campaign to increase the number of trans* students feeling safe and supported in sports and also to take this to other Manchester SU's as well as BUCS (the student sports organisation) to achieve policy reform so that trans* students are able to compete in the sport with minimal gatekeeping. I also want to create an environment that trans* people can use as a one-stop access point to medical, emotional and legal support and for allies to come and have conversations on how we can best support trans* siblings.


Name: Anna Gregory


Position: Women’s Officer

Bio: Hello I’m Anna and I’m Women’s Officer for 2020/21. I’m currently in my second year of studying Children’s Nursing and am loving my time studying at Salford. I decided to run for the position of Women’s Officer because I am passionate about women’s issues and gender equality and am eager to make a positive difference on campus. Over the next year I have a few objectives I’d like to achieve. These include introducing sexual health classes, women-led events and raising awareness of the support offered by university to people who’ve experienced sexual assault. I also think it’d be great to get involved in events in Manchester like Reclaim The Night and would love any other suggestions you have!