Training & Skills Development

Personal Development for Reps

We believe that any student has the potential to make a brilliant Course Rep or School Rep. All we ask is that you start your year with a commitment to improve the educational lives of students a Salford and be willing to learn new skills! The Students’ Union is committed to supporting your personal development and will provide a tailored training programme throughout the year to develop the skills needed for the role.

How does it work?

  • Shortly after being appointed, you will be invited to mandatory training which will cover the basics of being a Rep.
  • We then provide at least 2 hours of training for each broad soft skill category to help you skill-up throughout the year. 
  • You can pick and chose which of these sessions you want to attend based on which skills you feel you need to develop. Sign-up to a session using the link below. 
  • Use the table on this page to understand how you then utilise these skills while fulfilling your role as a Rep!  

By the end of the year you should be able to list all the skills you’ve developed and specific examples of how you’ve demonstrate them! 

Personal Development Training Opportunities Semester 2 Timetable:




Soft Skill

13th January


Battling Procrastination and Boosting Motivation


19th January


How to Bounce Back and Build Your Resilience

Emotionally Intelligent

19th January


Giving an Effective Presentation


21st January


Speaking up in groups


26th January


Finding the Positives in 'Negative' Feedback

Emotionally Intelligent

31st January


Writing a winning CV & Covering Letter

1st February


Speaking up in groups


4th February


Ideas Generation

Problem Solver

11th February


Writing a winning CV & Covering Letter

16th February


Networking for Success

Problem Solver

1st March


Time Management


7th March


Writing a winning CV & Covering Letter

9th March


Social Media Marketing


Below is a wheel of all the skills we will support you in developing. Find out about the LinkedIn Learning Route to achieve Bronze Awards here!

                           School Rep Skills Wheel                                                       Course Rep Skills Wheel



Use this table to see how Reps demonstrate all the skills in the wheels above, and when additional training sessions will take place! 


How Reps Demonstrate This Skill

Training Sessions











Course Reps & School Reps adapt tone of voice dependent on whether communicating with students or senior staff. These conversations are often informed by the personal experiences of other students, Reps speak on behalf of others concisely and sensitively. 


Communicator Award


Session name: Managing Difficult Conversations





Session name: Presenting with Confidence






Course Reps listen to the concerns and feedback of their peers.

School Reps Listen to the concerns and feedback of Course Reps and other students.

Negotiating & Influencing

School Reps make arguments for change to Subject Heads and other senior staff in the University, based on student feedback.

Course Reps make arguments for change to Programme Leaders based on student feedback.

Reps work towards finding a compromise.


Course Reps and School Reps interact with staff more senior to them. They believe in the requests they are making and their ideas.

Public Speaking

Course Reps collect feedback in-person during lectures.

School Reps raise awareness of their role with Course Reps in their area. They support in recruitment of Course Reps via lecture shout-outs and stalls.


School Reps assist with the training of Course Representatives when required.










Problem Solver

Critical Thinking

School Reps attend Programme Approval and Review Panels. They assess if they feel the changes to programmes will have a positive impact on students. School Reps must assess if student feedback has been sufficiently recognised and integrated into decisions.


Problem Solver Award









Session name:  Leadership and Problem Solving

Date: TBC


Additional sessions coming soon!



School Reps conduct further research into school-wide issues, with support of the Students’ Union. They disseminate Students’ Union led research to Course Reps when required.

Problem Solving


Course Reps & School Reps Propose solutions to issues identified when collecting student feedback. They consider feedback and understand the root cause of the problem, or wider picture.

Project Management

School Reps conduct research into issues that affect students across a Subject Group which need further investigation. This will often lead to a longer-term project that might need to be strategically managed. 

Leadership & Management

School Reps attend relevant meetings with University staff to discuss feedback on behalf of the Subject Group or Directorate. School Reps take responsibility for their actions and what they say on behalf of those their represent, as a student leader.

Reviewing & Evaluating

Course Reps review feedback from their peers and evaluate what the best course of action might be.  

School Reps analyse data sets to identify directorate-level issues and writing reports when required. They collate feedback from Course Reps on their experience, face-to-face & online








Emotionally Intelligent







School Reps work with other School Reps across Directorates to represent students’ views to the Union. They will often collaborate on projects and campaigns.


Emotionally Intelligent Award

Session name: Improv for Team Building

Time: 1 hour

Date: TBC


Session name: Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Date: TBC






Course Reps and School Reps may handle cases where staff and students can not identify an agreed solution to feedback. Reps find a way forward while maintaining positive relationships and help both parties see each other’s side.










Course Reps and School Reps raise awareness of the Rep system with peers. Reps quickly forming memorable connections with students in passing.


Professional Award






Additional sessions coming soon!

Knowledge of Governance & Quality Assurance


School Reps attend Programme Approval and Review Panels and Student Disciplinary Panels.

School Reps can review Programme Action Logs across a Subject Group as part of the Programme Monitoring and Enhancement Process (PMEP).

Time Management

Course Reps and School Reps attend relevant meetings with University staff to discuss feedback on behalf of a Subject Group.

School Reps attend meetings of the Union’s Academic Executive and other relevant meetings. Academic work is effectively planned around these commitments accordingly.