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On August 1st 2016 we started moving to a new way of making democratic decisions within the Union. This new governance structure has been designed to give you more control over how decisions are made. One of the key features is a new Union Council and student executives with greatly increased powers to hold sabbatical officers and other student representatives accountable and also, importantly, control over budgets for student activity groups, sports clubs and representatives. 

Below Union Council are Student Executives, these are responsible for the running of specific areas of the unions work. They control the budgets for groups and campaigns in those areas, set the policy direction for that areas and are made up of student in that area. Each Executive will be run by a voluntary officer who is elected by all students in October. 

The five executives are:

  • International
    • Lead the Unions work on international students, is made up of students from the European Union and those outside it
  • Sports and activities
    • Lead the Unions work on sport clubs, activity groups and other areas related to student opportunities
  • Community and Well being
    • Lead the Unions work on student halls, students in their local community and student mental health and wellbeing
  • Liberations
    • Lead the Unions work on LGBTQ students, Women, BME Students and students with disabilities
  • Academic
    • Lead the Unions work on educational issues. 

We are looking for student volunteers to take part in these areas and help the Union to set up these groups.

We need enthusiastic students who want to make a difference to students lives at Salford, you'll also gain valuable skills to help with you find a job. If this sounds like you please register your interest below.

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