Scrutiny Committees

The scrutiny committee is responsible for holding Sabbatical Officers accountable and ensuring that they meet the objectives they set themselves at the beginning of the year, provide suggestions for improvement and to support the sabbatical officer. 

There are five members of the scrutiny committee drawn from members of the student executives. Scrutiny Committee reports to Union Council. 

Scrutiny committee members individually score sabbatical officers from 1 to 4. These scores are then averaged to the nearest whole number to give the opinion of the committee. 

Scoring: 4= outstanding, 3= good, 2= needs improvement, 1= poor

The scrutiny committee is governed by the following bye-laws:

Scrutiny Committee Bye-Law

Meeting Dates 2017/18

  • Meeting 1: January 2018
  • Meeting 2: April 2018

Committee Members

One member of each student executive attends the scrutiny committee meetings. 

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Reports and expenses for 2017/18 Sabbatical Officers

Scrutiny Committee report and scores for period 1st July 2017 -31st December 2017

Expenses 2017/18

Full Sabbatical Officer Expenses to December 2017

Jon-Connor Lyons

Report to 31st December 2017

Emily Voss-Bevan

Report to 31st December 2017

Famous Dekeri

Report to 31st December 2017

Kobby Ofori

Report to 31st December 2017

Zamzam Ibrahim

Report to 31st December 2017

2016/2017 Sabbatical Officers Reports