Decolonising the Curriculum

The ‘Our Curriculum’ student framework serves to address 3 key elements for students, teaching and management staff at Salford University, aiming to:

- Platform the opinions of students particularly BAME students on representation within the curriculum and what a Decolonised curriculum can look like.

- Educate and inspire staff members into action when curating a representative and Decolonised curriculum in addition to a safe learning environment.

- Establish a foundation for action and a change across the University when addressing better representation for students and Decolonised curriculum.

These three objectives centre upon the desire to implement a Decolonised curriculum across The University of Salford. By Decolonising the curriculum Salford would be committing to a more representative, comprehensive, and critical framework for learning. This framework is intended to represent the experiences and opinions of Salford students and staff, with the intention to guide academic and university staff towards a Decolonised curriculum.

Decolonising does not singularly refer to the curriculum, to Decolonise is to address, examine and evaluate the unequal systems which have underpinned higher education institutions since their conception. This framework acts as a starting point for The University of Salford to envision how Decolonising can be implemented in the education it offers. Throughout this framework there will be references to systems and phenomena connected to the Decolonising movement, such as the Race Equality Charter and the BAME Awarding Gap.

2021 - Decolonising Report - Binder-2